2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show Cameron House Magic Show Wedding

Willy Wonka at Cameron House!

Willy Wonka (aka Magic Pete!) had a fantastic time entertaining a group of youngsters at Cameron House at the weekend during the magnificent wedding of Charlie Adam and Sophie-Leigh Anderson . My little Oompa Loompas had a great time as they all helped with the magic. All in all a great day was had by all as they laughed, cheered and shouted out the magic words!

2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Girl Magic Show Perth

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs!
Musical Chairs!

What a great time we had at Jessica’s 6th Birthday Party in Perth! Here she is with her friends playing Musical chairs, but with a slight difference!

As you can see, a great time was had by all !!
2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Boy Magic Show

Magic Pete visits The Isle of Arran

Magic Pete was lucky to do a show on the beautiful Isle of Arran this month for 6yr old Gavin.

It was a long day. Starting off at 8am from Larbert to catch the 9.45am Ferry to the Isle of Arran. Then we had a little look around the Island and visited a quaint little shop that sold the famous Arran Mustard and Jam, and plenty of it! Next Magic Pete did Gavin’s 6th Birthday Party which was great! The weather was really sunny too! Which helped as the part was outdoors.

I would like to thank Denise, Gavin’s mum for her very kind hospitality. The scones were amazing!

Next it was time to pack up and head back to the ferry. Not before a quick go on the Dodgems and an Ice Cream at the port! We finally arrived back at 7pm! It was a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day!!

Below are pictures from the day…

Isle of Arran Photos

2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Balloons Falkirk Magic Show

Even the Kids Enjoyed It!!

I had a great comment this weekend from one of my clients. After the show had finished I asked Dad if ‘John’ the Birthday Boy had enjoyed his Birthday Party. He said that he had a great time and ‘Even the Kids Enjoyed it!’ย  I think Dad enjoyed the Magic Show!


2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Falkirk Girl Magic Show

How did you do that?

Magic Pete came to the rescue of a fellow magician this weekend when he couldn’t get to his party due to the bad weather conditions. As it happened I had a cancellation myself by the restaurant where I work as the resident magician.

The party went brilliantly and everyone had a blast as the feedback indicates. Now as I was packing my equipment away the Manager of the hotel approached me and said he managed to catch some ofย  my show and he too thought it was very entertaining. But then he said to me ‘You know when you put the tissue paper in your mouth?’ ‘Yes’ I said, ‘well how did it turn into the long giant piece of tape?’ To which I replied ‘Magic of course!’

He seemed to be very impressed as he asked for my business card anyway!

2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 4th Birthday 5th Birthday Denny Girl Magic Show

Who Needs Zumba?

Who needs Zumba…not that I’ve ever been..,I think I lost half a stone! Ever thought of being a personal trainer “Laugh the pounds away with Pete!”
I wish that I had been at the door to hear all the parents comments, they all had a fantastic time.

This was a very complimentary comment from another satisfied customer after she joined in the fun with her daughter doing some of the disco dancing with some especially requested oldies during a recent 2 Hr Disco and Magic and puppet show, such as the Hokey Kokey! We all had a sweat on that day!