5th Birthday Falkirk Girl Larbert

Happy Birthday Lauren

Lauren's 5th Birthday Cake
Lauren’s 5th Birthday Cake

We had a great party at the weekend at Carmuirs Golf Club, Falkirk for Lauren’s 5th Birthday Party! Everyone enjoyed themselves dancing to the different disco songs as we played all our games. Lauren got to help Magic Pete with a few tricks and even got a flower off Magic Pete’s real puppet bird Roger!

This is a photo of Lauren’s Birthday cake, isn’t it a cracker!?
2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Girl Magic Show Perth

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs!
Musical Chairs!

What a great time we had at Jessica’s 6th Birthday Party in Perth! Here she is with her friends playing Musical chairs, but with a slight difference!

As you can see, a great time was had by all !!
5th Birthday Girl Magic Show

It’s a dog!

I had a chuckle to myself at one of my parties at the weekend.
After a great show and all the girls had just received their balloon dog to take home as a souvenir, I was going to and from my car putting my equipment away when a little girl passed me on the way out and said ‘Thanks for my rabbit!’

I just smiled and said ‘you’re welcome’!

I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise!

6th Birthday Balloons Girl Larbert Magic Show

Happy Birthday Magic Pete!

Magic Pete's Birthday Card
Magic Pete’s Birthday Card

Magic Pete had a very happy surprise last weekend when he was given his very own Birthday Card from one of his Parties as it was Magic Pete’s Birthday last Saturday! What a surprise I got! I’d like to say a huge thank you to Olivia, Grace and Ruby who all sigend the card. I even got 7 kisses on it!

Thank you so much!

1 Hr Magic Show 4th Birthday 6th Birthday Fallin Girl Magic Show

And they call it Puppy Love!

Two little girls got a very special present at one of my shows at the weekend.

After I had finished a great show, Katie and Annie couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their present as Dad lead him in by his lead! Yes, they got a beautiful puppy! Eyes and mouths wide open, the looks on their faces was amazing!

I’m sure he’s still getting spoilt now!

1 Hr Magic Show Boy Christmas Girl Killin Magic Show Uncategorized

Santa’s lost weight!

At one of my Christmas shows this week, Santa Claus came to give out some presents to the children. After a great show all the kids were hyper just at the thought of seeing Santa. He soon arrived and gave out all his presents to all the children who had been good for the past year, which, at this hall, was everyone this year. Before he had to leave for the North Pole, I managed to have a quick chat with him about how busy he was and wether he was going to deliver all the presents with the bad weather. Thank fully he said the weather is not a problem for him and his reindeers. Phew! That’s good news.

Santa must have been busy this year too, because he said one of the children said to him ‘Santa, you’ve lost weight’!

Ho Ho Ho…..

2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 6th Birthday Falkirk Girl Magic Show

How did you do that?

Magic Pete came to the rescue of a fellow magician this weekend when he couldn’t get to his party due to the bad weather conditions. As it happened I had a cancellation myself by the restaurant where I work as the resident magician.

The party went brilliantly and everyone had a blast as the feedback indicates. Now as I was packing my equipment away the Manager of the hotel approached me and said he managed to catch some of  my show and he too thought it was very entertaining. But then he said to me ‘You know when you put the tissue paper in your mouth?’ ‘Yes’ I said, ‘well how did it turn into the long giant piece of tape?’ To which I replied ‘Magic of course!’

He seemed to be very impressed as he asked for my business card anyway!

1 Hr Magic Show 11th Birthday Balloons Girl Larbert Magic Show

I’m Scared of Balloons!

Oh No! Magic Pete was at an 11th Birthday Party recently with a good mixture of boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11 years Old. During my show I always like to do a funny balloon routine with the Birthday Child. So up she comes and holds on to the first balloon. Then she holds on to the second balloon. When it came to the third balloon, she didn’t want to hold it as she was a little scared of balloons! Poor Robyn! But she was a real trouper and chose someone else to stand in for her to hold the balloons! Her friend Nicola did a great job and ended up going home with a very special balloon animal !!!

2 Hr Magic and Puppet Show 4th Birthday 5th Birthday Denny Girl Magic Show

Who Needs Zumba?

Who needs Zumba…not that I’ve ever been..,I think I lost half a stone! Ever thought of being a personal trainer “Laugh the pounds away with Pete!”
I wish that I had been at the door to hear all the parents comments, they all had a fantastic time.

This was a very complimentary comment from another satisfied customer after she joined in the fun with her daughter doing some of the disco dancing with some especially requested oldies during a recent 2 Hr Disco and Magic and puppet show, such as the Hokey Kokey! We all had a sweat on that day!

5th Birthday Denny Girl Magic Show

Roger isn’t a Real Puppet!?

Magic Pete and Roger
Magic Pete and Roger

I had a great Magical party this week. The mum of 5yr old Lucy specifically asked me if I did a puppet routine, to which I replied yes. His name is Roger and he is from South America! But Roger is very naughty and keeps stealing my flowers which is when all the boys and girls shout out and tell me!!!

However, as I was unpacking and getting ready for the show, a little boy came up to me and said ‘Do you have a puppert?’ Yes I replied.  He said ‘I know it’s not a Real Puppet, puppets are only for younger kids!‘ from Connor, aged 6.