Magic Pete’s Communion shows are not just for the kids, they’re for the adults too!

Whether it’s a 1hr Magic and Puppet show or a full 2hr show with audience participation, you’re sure to have a great time!

1hr Magic and puppet show – Is a whole hour of comedy magic aimed at the kids but with gags the adults will get! Its sligtly different to the normal Birthday party as it caters for young children and kids that are slightly older too!

2hr Magic and Puppet with games party - is Magic Pete’s speciality. Not only do the games cater for the kids, but Magic Pete makes sure the adults get involved too! Whether it’s helping the kids with things they may need for a game or helping with the answer to a quiz question or even joining in with a magic trick, Magic Pete makes sure EVERYONE has a great fun time at the party!

4hr Magic and Disco Show – If you want an all in one package, this is it! Magic Pete will entertain your children with his 2hr Magic and Puppet Show with games and then he will provide a disco for the remaining 2 or more hours! This way if you want to let your hair down with a little boogie, you can!