Party Ideas

This page contains a few useful hints and tips I have learnt while performing and organising children’s parties. With a little Party planning, you can help ensure that your function is a huge success.

BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR HALL OR FUNCTION ROOM, PLEASE CONTACT MAGIC PETE FOR AVAILABILITY. Magic Pete may not be available at the time you book your function room. To avoid disappointment, book early, a month in advance should be sufficient.

When sending out invitations, why not use Magic Pete’s Invitations and put the arrival time 15mins earlier than the actual show start time. Sometimes parents run a little late and this ensures no one misses the start of the show. Tell them Magic Pete is going to be at your party! That way, they will also look forward to the party!

If the Party is at home, tie a bunch of balloons to the front door so it’s easy for your guests and Magic Pete to find the party.

Please arrange a parking place close by for the Magic Pete. He has heavy props to carry!

Get a big decorated cardboard box or superstore ‘bags for life’ to put the presents in and as the children arrive, you have somewhere to put the presents, so that they may be opened after the party. This way you will know who brought what, so that ‘thank you letters’ can be sent. This also ensures that nothing gets lost or broken.

Important! Remember to bring the Cake, candles, camera and matches. It makes for a great photo opportunity.

There should be at least two adults in the room at all times to assist any child who may need the bathroom etc. Use parents who stick around as party assistants. They’ll love to participate and you’ll love it too.

To save time, have the food already on the plates for when it’s time to eat. This way everyone has the same and should finish eating round about the same time.

Keep your food simple. Children aren’t fussy, they just want something quick and simple so they can get back to enjoying the party as soon as they can.

Please don’t serve sweets or drink during the magic show. Children can’t shout the magic words with a mouth full of sweets, and this is when drinks can be spilt.

Chattering parents spoil the party! Magic Pete will draw attention to the noisy ones! It really does distract the children and the organisers won’t thank you for it. Magic Pete encourages parents to stay, so they too can enjoy the show. But if you prefer to catch up with friends, please would you mind going to another room.

Please leave squeakers, blowers and balloons until the end. Again, they are a distraction, so please wait until the end.

Magic Pete would be delighted for you take as many photos of the show as you want, they make a great keep sake! But unfortunately Magic Pete doesn’t allow any recordings of the show.

To avoid disappointment BOOK MAGIC PETE EARLY, especially for Christmas Parties.

Have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge and maybe order a carry out to celebrate after ‘you organised a great party!’

To avoid disappointment, please click here to book Magic Pete!

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